CHISSL LLC Soccer League Rules 2020

A. League Structure:
1. CHISSL structure is based upon the structure traditionally used by school systems - separate divisions for boys and girls, with each program within a division being based upon the school attended by the players. PLEASE NOTE that, although the league uses certain concepts and terms traditionally associated with school-based athletics, CHISSL has no relationship with either the Harford or Cecil County school systems.

B. Team structure:
1. Coaches are not allowed to cut below 18. Maximum number of players is left up to the coaches discretion. Tryouts resulting in any player cuts are not allowed until.
-  The Executive Director must be informed of all player cuts prior to them being made, to provide him or her the opportunity to place those players on other teams. Players unable to be placed with a new team will be afforded a full refund.
-  At least one week after the close of registration.
-  Two practices have been held to allow late registrants a chance to make the team.
2. Although the league is targeted at middle school age children (and now High School), 5th graders are permitted to play on JV level teams only, with the permission of the coach, and only if necessary to create a viable JV team. No 6th or 7th graders may be "cut" from a program to make way for a 5th grader.

3. Players will be assigned to programs based upon where they attend middle school or High School. If a player attends a non-public school which does not participate in the league or is home schooled, he/she will be assigned to the program for the public school he/she otherwise would attend. If there is no room in that program, the Executive Director will try to place interested registrants on another team needing players, subject to the approval of both the player and the coach.

4. Dual rostering is permitted and is limited to the number of players necessary to bring the JV/varsity team roster up to 17 players. If the varsity team has 17 players, they are not allowed to duel roster. The Executive Director will have the final say on the status of duel rostered kids. A team may not duel roster kids if they are cutting kids from the team. 8th Graders may not be duel rostered. (i.e. if there are a combined total of 34 players signed up for varsity and JV combined, they may not duel roster any one.)

C. Schedules:
1. Deadlines:
-  Registration ends March 17th
-  Tryouts/team selection may not begin until March 17th
-  Preliminary rosters (no numbers) due March 31
-  Final rosters (with uniform numbers) due one week after uniform distribution
-  Regular season ends by “TBA”, Tournament begins “TBA”

2. Games to begin Wednesday April 8th Schedules to be determined once fields have been allocated. All games to be held on week-nights, with normal starting times for games to be between 5:20 and 6:30 PM. Rainouts will be played on Fridays. 

3. Location and time of practices to be scheduled by team coach at his/her discretion. 

4. In the event of rain, coaches will be notified of any game cancellations by 2:30, and an announcement will be put on the CHISSL website by 3:00. IF THERE IS NO ANNOUNCEMENT ON THE WEBSITE, THE GAMES ARE "ON" - subject to the referees' determination of field suitability/safety at game time.

D. Uniforms:
1. Every player will receive a numbered shirt. Players who are dual rostered should use the same shirt for both teams. Extra shirts shall be returned to the Executive Director. All players (except goalkeepers) must wear his/her uniform shirt while playing. If a player shows up to a game without his issued shirt, he can't play.

2. Rosters will be made available upon request to the opposing coach prior to the tournament starting. If you suspect a team is playing with an illegal player during the season or during tournament play, You must call the Executive Director (Bob Astarita 410-877-5730) prior to the end of the game. Referees shall NOT exclude any player from playing based upon a protest; referees' sole responsibility will be to report the facts of any protest, together with a statement of whether the protested player played in the game. 

E. Standings:
1. Games during the regular season count towards seeding for the post-season tournament, with the team with the highest number of points from regulars season games seeded first.

2. Game points: win = 3 points; tie = 1 point; loss = 0 points.  Game results must be emailed to Executive Director at r.astar10@yahoo.com within 24 hours played, or game will be reported as a 1-1 tie - no reported score = no points for the game.
3. If teams end up with the same number of points, the following shall be used as tie-breakers:
-  Head to head competition (if only two teams are tied) 
-  Fewest goals against
-  Goal differential (maximum of 5 per game)
-  Coin toss

4. Forfeit scores are 1-0 for non-forfeiting team. If both teams are guilty of a forfeit, both teams credited with a 1-0 loss.

5. During the regular season, each player shall have at least 10 minutes playing time per half, subject to coach's discretion for:
-  Players arriving late for game
-  Persistent absence from team practices/games
-  Behavioral issues
-  Injuries 

F. Game Rules:
1. All games are two 30-minute halves, subject to referees' authority to terminate games for inclement weather/darkness.

2. High school rules - which differ from FIFA/USSF rules in minor ways - shall be used.  Significant differences from FIFA/USSF rules are:
     a. The restart for any stoppage of play by the referee for injury is an indirect free kick for the team in possession when play was stopped.  If, in the opinion of the
     referee, neither team has possession, the restart is a dropped ball.
     b. Substitutions: Substitutions allowed (with the permission of the referee):
          -  At half-time
          -  After a goal has been scored
          -  At any goal kick
          -  On your own throw-in
          -  On your opponent's throw-in but only if they sub
          -  On your own corner-kick
          -  On your opponent's corner-kick but only if they sub
 (NOTE: Please have your subs ready to enter the field at the midfield line before requesting permission to substitute.)
     c. Throw-ins - a throw-in that never enters the field results in the opposing team getting the throw-in
     d. Yellow card - player must leave the field (but can be substituted for); player may return to the field on the next substitution opportunity.
     e. "Soft" red cards - certain red cards (generally for two yellows in one game) result in the player being expelled from the game but the team does not play short-handed.
    f. In the event a game is suspended by the referees due to weather/darkness at any time after the second half kick-off, it is an official game.

3. Physical or verbal abuse of any player coach, referee or spectator will not be tolerated.

4. Any player or coach dismissed (red card) by a referee will sit out at least one additional game, subject to the Executive Director's authority to extend any suspension for additional games as he deems appropriate. Any spectator dismissed by a referee shall be banned from attending the next game, subject to the Executive Director's authority to extend any suspension for additional games as he deems appropriate. Any player, coach or spectator who fails to adhere to the foregoing shall cause his/her team to forfeit any games in which the suspended player or coach participates, or spectator attends.

5. We are instituting a “Slaughter Rule” this year. The game is terminated if at any time in the second half: The goal differential exceeds seven goals. If the score at half time is 8-0…there is no second half. The referee will advise the losing coach of the slaughter rule enforcement. If the losing coach wants to continue to play the referee will allow play to continue.

G. Tournament:
The post-season tournament to determine the league champion is single elimination, with seedings based upon standings at the end of the regular season. Same rules as regular season games except:

1. All games must have a winner

2. Games tied at end of regulation time will have two 5 minute overtime periods, which will be played in full regardless of any goals scored during the overtime (i.e., NO sudden death).

3. Games tied after overtime will have winners determined by kicks from the penalty mark.

4. Procedure for tie-breaking kicks:
-  Referees' decision as to which goal to use 
-  All team players eligible to participate (unless sent off during game, overtime, or tie-breaking kicks), not just players on field at the end of the game
-  Teams may substitute for goalkeeper between kicks
-  Initial round of kicks is best of 5; if tied after five kicks, additional rounds of one player from each team until one team scores and the other misses
-  No player may take a second kick until all eligible players on his/her team (including goalkeepers) have taken a kick
-  During a kick, the ball is "alive" until it comes to a stop, it goes out of bounds, or it is touched a second time by the kicker

H. Authority of Executive Director:
1. The Executive Director shall have the authority to, but is not limited to:
-  Waive/suspend any deadlines for registration, submission of information, or other procedural matters - set and revise schedules
-  Make determinations as to which program a player shall be assigned
-  Make field allocations
-  Determine player eligibility in the event of any protest
-  Make such other decisions as are necessary or expedient to promote the best interests of CHISSL and its registered players

2. The Executive Director shall not have the authority to overrule any decision of a referee with regard to interpretations of the laws of the game of soccer.